Path Untraveled is all about embracing your sense of adventure and setting out upon the world! We are about the wanderlust that lies within every person, the desire to explore, and the freedom to experience new things both near and far.

What’s it all about?

Places to Go
We’ll explore some of the best places to adventure and explore.


Informative Articles
Learn about first aid, fieldcraft, action photography, and more. Jump right to the articles if you’re ready to get started.


Gear Reviews
The resident “geardo” is ready to show you some of the hottest adventure gear out there. Whether you’re exploring a new city or navigating a rope course in the trees, you’ll want to have the right equipment on hand. 


Adventure doesn’t have to mean risking life and limb. We’ll cover safety basics, survival skills, and talk about a few cautionary tales.


Stretching Your Dollar
Awesome outings don’t have to break the bank. We’ll be spending a lot of time looking at inexpensive or free activities that you and your whole family can enjoy. Want to make the most of your vacation? Your personal travel portal can save you money on resort stays, cruises, or whatever your next adventure might be!


Prepare Your Body
The more adventurous the trip, the more your level of fitness will come into play. We’re going to discuss real-world, simple ways to improve your health and wellness in preparation for what’s ahead. 


adventure-travel-me-sitting-2Who’s behind the website?

J. Paul is a professional writer and amateur adventurer. He’s the CEO of the Third Phase Media Group and a journalist with the US Press Association. A former Marine and Boy Scout, he spends his free time hiking, exploring, and taking pictures.