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Review: BlackRapid Shot Camera Strap

If there’s anything I learned from the purchase of my first BlackRapid product, it’s that the company makes some pretty durable gear. Unfortunately, I made one tiny mistake when ordering my Shot strap; I ordered the wrong one.Blackrapid-shot-sling-review

BlackRapid makes the Shot strap and the Cross Shot strap, both of which look terribly similar when you’re shopping on your  smart phone and not paying enough attention. The Cross Shot – which I intended to order – is adjustable in length and designed to be worn across the body like a sling. The Shot, however, features a short, fixed-length strap that fits over one shoulder, suspending the camera on the same side of the wearer’s body.

Field Notes

Since I got a good deal on the Shot, I decided to keep it, and I’ve been field testing it for the past month. In that time, I’ve learned that the Shot is a very well-made product and that it functions perfectly in its intended role as a simple, casual camera strap.

When it comes to more active use, however, the Shot is pretty lacking. Although the hefty rubber shoulder pad does a pretty impressive job of keeping the strap in place on your shoulder when you’re just snapping photos, the design falls short when running, climbing, jumping, laying prone, or . . . well, doing anything outside of the realm of walking.

If you’re not planning on extreme activities, I will also warn you that the sling is all but useless when I’m wearing a pack. Even though the rubber pad does a great job of “sticking” to my shoulder, it wanted absolutely nothing to do with the straps of my Maxpedition Monsoon, Pygmy, or Versipack. No matter what I did (short of zip-tying the Shot to my pack strap), it just kept falling off my shoulder. Again, not a flaw of the product, because I’m “using it wrong.”


  • Solid construction. Thick, 100% polypropylene webbing strap (1″ wide) with reinforced stitching.
  • Rugged metal hardware. Tripod mount fastener stays tight and secure.
  • Includes LockStar swivel hook cover.
  • Rubber pad does a great job of staying put on my shoulder . . . under the right conditions.


  • I’m not a huge fan of straps that don’t adjust in any way. Although it lends to the simplicity of the design, I like to be able to customize the way my gear hangs.
  • Doesn’t stay put when the Shot is sharing a shoulder with a pack strap.
  • Not very good when running or doing anything more active than walking.

Final Word

Now that I’ve given the strap a month of use, I’m going to swap it out for something more suited to my needs. Bear in mind that I’m not putting a single strike against the BlackRapid Shot strap itself – it does what it’s meant to do very well – but it just doesn’t work when I’m hiking and hauling.

For a strap that I ordered by mistake, I’m very pleased with it overall. You can be sure that when the situation calls for a more casual strap – a beach trip or a walk downtown, maybe – I’m going to clip the Shot back in place.

The BlackRapid Shot retails for $34.95  on Amazon.


* I was not compensated in any way for this review. I paid full price for this item and wrote the review for the benefit of my readers. If you found this review helpful, please do me a favor and click through to Amazon using one of my links. Your price doesn’t change, but I’ll make a few cents commission for the referral. That’s money I can spend on more stuff to review! 


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