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Hey Charlie, they busted my bike!

I spent the weekend around the Orlando area, and ran Monty – the folding adventure bike project – around Lake Baldwin and down a few trails. It held up perfectly through the weekend, but when I took it out today, I ran into a problem. I was speeding along the trail and the left pedal sort of dropped off onto the ground. Hm.

The threads on the crank arm were almost completely stripped. I spent a few minutes with the Gerber trying to force it back together long enough to make it back to the Jeep, but to no avail. The resulting long hike back served as a great example of why preparedness is always important – after all, adventure involves the unexpected by definition. If I hadn’t had the right shoes and a pack full of water, it would have been a pretty miserable day.

I was looking at replacement crank arms, but the search may have lead me down a different road altogether. Project Monty may end up becoming a single-speed bike. After all, nothing is more important than simplicity and reliability when it comes to this build. It’s not a competition bike, as it were, but a bike designed to be always on hand and always ready to get me from Point A to Point B.

Should be interesting. Anyway, I have a knife review to write, so stay tuned!

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