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Project Monty: New Seat, Grips, and Pedals.

Modded Montague Folding BikeMonty’s new furniture and functional accessories have been trickling in over the last week or so. I finally got it all put together today and was able to take a quick test-ride. Monty held up pretty well on some rough trails, especially when you consider the somewhat rookie status of the rider. So what did I add to get the folding adventure bike to this point?

For the “furniture,” I wanted to switch over to brown to match the tan respray. Although there was an obvious cosmetic reasoning behind this, I also wanted to replace the worn seat, grips, and pedals for functional reasons. Here’s what I went with:

  • Oury MTN Grips in Muddy Brown – Very comfortable. These absorb shock quite well.
  • XLC Men’s Comfort Seat – There weren’t a lot of brown seats to choose from in my price range, but I’m glad I went with this one. I was a bit worried when it arrived because it looked considerably less padded than the Velo that came on the bike…but a long ride proved that the XLC is extremely comfortable. I was able to keep my butt in the saddle far longer than I was with the Velo, and I still have no tingling to report (even after several hours.)
  • Wellgo MBP Platform Pedals – I bought these only for the color, to be honest, but it ended up being a good purchase. My feet were slipping off of the stock Wellgos quite a bit. They never slip off of these, as they’re a bit larger and the nubs aren’t worn down.

NOTE: I will still be replacing the crank arms at some point after the “pedal fell off” incident last week. I was able to fix the problem temporarily by threading the pedal in from the back of the crank arm (which cleaned up the threads) and then re-installing it the correct way. In my search for crank arms, I may have convinced myself that I want to convert Monty to a single-speed bike. I’m still looking around for parts.

In the next post, I’ll go over the other accessories that have made their way on to the bike since last week!

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