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Pyramid: Adventure travel is gaining popularity.

Adventure Travel Infographic

Infographic provided by Pyramid Travel Products

Adventure travel is rising in popularity – so much so that the majority of tourism boards now consider it a $263 billion standalone sector of the $8 trillion travel industry.

“Package holidays have taken a big hit,” said president of the Adventure Travel Trade Association, Shannon Stowell. “[People] have done the package holidays, they’ve done the beach, they’ve done Disney and Vegas, and now they’re looking for something more interesting.”

Stowell’s theory is that most consumers want to do their vacation “their way,” not the way 60 or 70 other people are doing it. It’s a theory that makes loads of sense to me (and to consumer behavior statistics.) We’re in the middle of a new era where on-demand, micro-transactions, and ala carte consumerism rule all. Even cable TV is taking a beating because the general public is losing faith in the “package deal.”

We all want to do it our way. And why not? It’s our vacation, after all.


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