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The “Good Luck Box” – Great Gifts for Runners!

Let’s face it. No matter the level of athlete, everyone gets a little nervous before an upcoming race. 

A new company called the Good Luck Box is now taking orders. Their aim is to provide support, guidance, and the swagger runners need so they can confidently smile at those race photographers.


With the mission to spread excitement and support, they’ve launched their website where anyone can send out a gift box for their favorite runner to wish them good luck. The Good Luck Box is full of handpicked items from running gurus to give any racer the advantage before an upcoming event.

Founder, Keira D’Amato says “the Good Luck Box is finally a way to encourage and send a thoughtful gift before an event that a runner has been training their butt off for the last couple months.”

The best part about the company is that even if the gift giver doesn’t know anything about running, the company itself will be sending out the perfect gifts. All the gift sender have to do is to answer a few questions and the company will customize the contents of the box, based on gender, race distance, season, location, etc. and schedule it to arrive in the week leading up to the race.

The company is partnering with select races to offer race specific boxes, which will not only add value to the races themselves but also motivate the runners in a positive manner. It will build more excitement leading up to the event while helping connect the runners with their supporters on a whole new level.

Our company mission is to spread excitement, support, and of course, a little luck,” says D’Amato. Learn more at the Good Luck Box website!

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